Monday, 27 June 2011

Process: Oil Paint: Still Life 2011

Hello All,

A quick diversion, if you will - to the realms of oil painting...

Here's a process summary of a little still life I finished in-between jobs:

The basic set-up in the studio.
An oil decanter, grapes, silver bowl
and a platter.

The bowl feels overworked.
Next painting I'm going to vary the
rendering between looser strokes
and refined areas of detail

Still Life, 2011
Oil on Canvas

It was done in one afternoon, approx. 4hrs, in that quick 'alla prima' approach that I enjoy.

The next paintings are a larger format and a more complex subject material - my children!

Until the next time...


Graeme Neil Reid said...

That looks like fun, great job. If I ever manage to tidy my studio I'm going to try doing something similar as I miss painting so much.

jake gumbleton said...

Great Work Roberts you fine old pig. Great to see your in progress shots. Interesting how many hot spots you laid out early on.

Aidan said...

always like to see a nice process shot - so well done on that. The proper painting stuff is coming along a treat!