Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Best selling, numero uno...

Now then, now then... guys and gals... this news, just in:

"A Thousand Sons" is the Number 1 selling SF and Fantasy book this week!

I'm incredibly proud to be working with such an esteemed group of authors and publishing team - everybody pulling in the same direction... to success!

I have to take some credit for the success of the books what with the covers being mine and actually being of rather good quality, but the authors can do that much better than me, after all it is their name in big letters on the cover.

Well done all - onwards and upwards.

Will post properly once this magazine article and video tutorial is out the way - early next week.

(ooh, my new 2000AD cover is on this weeks prog# 1673)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Book Signing: GW Plaza, London, Sat Feb 20th

A quick one as Graham McNeill and I will be signing copies of Horus Heresy: A Thousand Sons at Games Workshop, Plaza on Saturday 20th Feb from 12-2pm.

Bring 'em along or buy 'em there -
We'll sign 'em.

Call the store on 020 7436 0839 for more details.

I'll probably 'tweet' during the course of the day and get any pictures up next week. Also, check the superb Black Library facebook pages for updates and photos.

As usual, I'll be sketching throughout the afternoon and I'll be happy to sign books, so I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Black Library Live! 2010: The Aftermath

So Black Library Live! 2010 has been and gone - and what a great day it was for me and hopefully all those good people who queued patiently and were polite and passionate about the work Black Library produces.

The polite mob, queuing in typical British fashion - good work, everyone!
Image courtesy the Black Library Facebook page.

Some of the the images are from my twitter feed: @SkinnyElbows, where I intermittently 'tweeted' during the course of the day:

Black Library's lovely hospitality.
Next year it's got to be a bowl of M&M's
with all the blue ones taken out ;)

The main hall had games themed around the different novels, with the Prospero table being a personal highlight. They'd even sculpted Leman Russ and Magnus in the image of the upcoming Prospero books - I'll get some pics of them up ASAP.

The "Art of Black Library" Q&A session.
A life in stand-up comedy awaits. Or not.
Image courtesy the Black Library Facebook page.

Also that morning: Darius Hinks, Lindsey Priestley, Jon Sullivan and I had a Q&A session where everyone seemed to have great and pertinent questions, even if I didn't have a great answer! It was a good chance for people to get to know what it takes to make a cover and how much time and effort goes into it. Thanks to all those who attended, you made Jon and I feel very appreciated.

The signing in full flow!
Image courtesy the Black Library Facebook page.

After lunch it was the big signing with Dan and Graham, where we were signing solidly until the end of the day. I gave out a few sketches which seemed to go down well and most seemed interested in my BL portfolio I had on show - especially the new "Nemesis" and "First Heretic" pieces.

A pint and the intense temptation of food...

After all that we headed over to Bugmans for a drink, debrief and general natter about stuff and nonsense. Then, slowly, we drifted off one by one as taxi's arrived, trains were to be caught and wives arrived to pick us up.

Oh, and we all had to leave by 6, 'cos they were testing the transformers or something.

A great day meeting the fantastic fans, authors, artists and staff of Black Library - here's to next year!

Coming Soon:
Horus Heresy signing with Graham McNeill
GW Plaza, Oxford Street, London
Saturday, Feb 20th, 12-2pm

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Black Library Live! 2010

Hello All,

This weekend is Black Library Live! event at Warhammer World/ Games Workshop HQ, Nottingham. I'll be there with other BL artist extraordinaire/ all round gentleman, Jon Sullivan (check his site out - it's ACE!) to meet and greet.

If any of you are coming along, I shall be signing and I may be doing sketches all day, so feel free to please make sure to say hello. Below is the schedule for the day - I'm looking forward to meeting the BL crew and other authors - should be a good day!

**edit** I'm told the tickets are all sold out - w00t!

I'll get pictures up as soon as possible. See you there...