Thursday, 14 July 2011

First look: Cover: Know No Fear

Hello one and all!

So, Black Library have put the final (lo-res) image up for the new Dan Abnett Horus Heresy novel, "Know No Fear" and here it is for your perusal:

Zero-G punchup!
Ultramarine Primarch, Roboute Guilliman
a heretic WordBearer

(Above, detail)
The face was inspired
by the previous Ultramarine I painted
for 'Battle for the Abyss'

I LOVED adding the details
on this one, the blood globules hanging in space,
the ship detailing and all the rest.

The idea for this image was to have a true 360 degree punch up, so the cover was designed to show some combat if you turned the image round to any angle.

I added a harsh lens-flare with lens dust, the kind of which you see on the NASA Apollo Moon-landing photographs (a great inspiration for this piece)

Well ,that's all for this time, when the book's out I'll do a full process post - sketches and reference. But for now, enjoy the hard vacuum of space...!

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Aidan said...

out of this world!!!*

*apologies, i couldnt help myself