Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Workshop Sessions: Huntingdon

Hello All,

Last Thursday I spent a fantastic day of workshops at Huntingdon Regional College, at the behest of Andrew - whom I met at this years 'Black Library Live!'

Huntingdon Regional College.

I knew the day was going to be special when I arrived and found I had a special V.I.P parking space. Oh yes, I said V... I... P...! Check it out:

Yo, for real - check out the VIP.

The whole day was very well attended, with the morning sessions talking about approaches to and problem solving within concept art.

Great turnout - everybody was keen and enthusiastic.

The importance of silhouettes.
As taught by 'The Skilful Huntsman'

Then it was over to the students to practice what I had preached. They all did a great job - taking on board the basic ideas and having fun making stuff up. Well done all.

Busy at work.
Silhouettes based on 'Old Ironsides' -

the nickname of Oliver Cromwell, from Huntingdon.

After a lovely lunch, we spent the afternoon talking about 3D, modelling and rendering. I used some of my early Black Library projects as examples and explained to the students basic core concepts such as subdivision modelling, 3 point lighting and the importance of clean topology in their models.

One of my early 'Horus Rising' models.
Talking about subdivision smoothing and lighting rigs.

Then, as a last bit of fun, I took requests from the crowd to draw on their whiteboard. After each sketch I got a round of applause. Yeah, that's right, APPLAUSE!

It was quite humbling to get that kind of response to my doodles, the only other time I've seen that happen was when I went to see the late, and most definitely great, Tony Hart at my school in High Wycombe. I figure I'm in good company.

Tyranids, Predators, Cloud Strike and a Space Marine (in helmet)
Now, where's my round of applause?

Although if anyone is really deserving of applause it's the students who were keen, attentive, polite and hard working. They made the whole day worthwhile. I wish you all the best.

A big thanks to Andrew-Fovargue for the photos and for organising the day.

Next up: To the north of Scotland - HiEx in Inverness...!


Mayavan Thevendra said...

You legend, you!

Tony Jackson said...

What you talking about ... you got a round of applause every time you left the office.