Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cover: 2000AD Prog 1673

It's been a long while since any real posts (deadlines and all), so here we go with another 2000AD cover for the Galaxies Greatest Comic.

My initial idea was for a "90's rave version of Dredd in a Denim advert" - but with more mutants:

Add to that a dash of Brendan McCarthy 90's colour palette, a hairy chest and a good dose of digital painting and voilĂ , the finished product:

Apologies to Jon Haward and Chris Blythe, as the reference I had for the piece was the B&W line art - so I went ahead and gave her blue hair because it contrasted well against the pink. It was only when I recieved my contributors copy did I notice that she had green hair - I think no-one seems to have noticed!

It seems to be a cover that has split the online fans, which I'm quite pleased about, it's better to have an opinion than not.

With that in mind, here are some of my favourite comments regarding the cover from the 2000AD messageboards, copied and pasted ad verbatim:

W.R. Logan - "Cover: Would go in to my worst cover ever catagory."

DanDontDare - "That cover could have been so much better - the actual artwork is fantastic, but I loathe that pink background Ugh! "

Jamescor - "All the purples on the cover remind me of McCarthy for some reason."

Mikey - "Cover I like this; initially I thought I'd eaten a funny mushroom, but on reflection it's eyecatching and different with being greatly executed."

Tim Tailz - "Havent got round to reading it yet but the cover is superb."

Good work all, thanks for caring enough to post - that's why I love 2000AD fans (myself included!)


jake gumbleton said...

Awesome Neil. My fave so far: its wonderful mate!

Kev Levell said...

I think this is my favourite so far too! Great colour palette as well, good that it was reflected in the logo colour choices and together made for a strong eye-catching cover!

Pete Wells said...

Once you manage to tear your eyes away from the shocking pink background you're treated to that too-realistic hairy chest!

Crackers, but great!

Leigh G said...

I personally love this cover mate, as I have ALL your covers!

And don't worry, some of those same morons on the boards slag off my work as well ("No offence to Leigh, but it seems they let anyone draw Dredd nowadays"), and have the effing CHEEK to friend request me on Facebook! Idiots...

Colin Smith said...

For what it's worth, I thought the cover was a great one in its own right, and the colours that some have complained about seemed to me to make the illustration really stand out. Which is, after all, the point of a cover!