Monday, 15 March 2010

Recap: Signing, London GW

Hello, it's been a while since a solid beefy post, mainly due to deadlines/ illness/ family commitments/ more deadlines.

So let us take this opportunity to talk about the signing Mr. Graham McNeil and I had a few weeks ago at the Games Workshop store in the Plaza, Oxford Street, London.

Graham has already posted his write up here, so I won't go into too great a detail again, in case our stories don't corroborate.

I travelled down on the Friday, and visited all the comic shops I could find - and found a truly wondrous cavern of artists materials, Cornelissen & Son - where I could have easily spent a small fortune. We had a meal at Monkeynuts in Crouch End, where I had the best steak and pepper sauce. Good times.

Google maps on my iPhone made simple tourist-style wandering a truly revolutionary experience. London seemed a far more fun place to explore with the power of the internet and GPS in my pocket.

Abracadabra! International Magic Shop on Clerkenwell Road.

I also took the opportunity to visit the International Magic Shop to say hello and stock up on more Bicycle cards. They were extremely welcoming and offered us a cup of tea and a chat. I shall be visiting again, methinks.

Chatting to Dan Havardi about composition or colour palettes or something.

I arrived on time, having successfully negotiated the London Underground with help from my sister and a shiny new Oyster card (thanks, sis!). The whole session went extremely well, Mark, the store manager commented that it was the busiest signing he'd ever seen. Graham and I were signing and sketching for a solid 2-3 hours, if I remember correctly, and only when the queue petered out did we get a chance to have a quick chat.

nabbed from Graham's excellent blog

The wonderful staff kept us well fed and watered, even some of the good people in the queue brought us doughnuts - that is above and beyond the call, good work all! Mark and the staff gave Graham a parting gift of a fantastic Magnus the Red conversion and I received a diorama of Leman Russ and his wolves. Cool.

Awesome conversion - very flattering as well. Good work chaps!

After that, Graham dashed off to sign some books at Forbidden Planet and my sister and I went to El Camino in Soho for a big bowl of Nacho's. Had a quick mooch about some more shops and then back on the train filled with drunk football fans - finally getting home to my beautiful wife and children. Life is sweet, as they say.

A plate of Nacho's - my benchmarking system for any establishment.
El Camino's were amazing.

Thanks to all that made it such a memorable day, thanks for the doughnuts and thanks for the compliments.

See you all soon.

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