Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Best selling, numero uno...

Now then, now then... guys and gals... this news, just in:

"A Thousand Sons" is the Number 1 selling SF and Fantasy book this week!

I'm incredibly proud to be working with such an esteemed group of authors and publishing team - everybody pulling in the same direction... to success!

I have to take some credit for the success of the books what with the covers being mine and actually being of rather good quality, but the authors can do that much better than me, after all it is their name in big letters on the cover.

Well done all - onwards and upwards.

Will post properly once this magazine article and video tutorial is out the way - early next week.

(ooh, my new 2000AD cover is on this weeks prog# 1673)


ben_ said...

And I sure buy books by their Cover. :)

Neil Roberts said...

Thanks - it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it... ;)