Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Black Library Live! 2010

Hello All,

This weekend is Black Library Live! event at Warhammer World/ Games Workshop HQ, Nottingham. I'll be there with other BL artist extraordinaire/ all round gentleman, Jon Sullivan (check his site out - it's ACE!) to meet and greet.

If any of you are coming along, I shall be signing and I may be doing sketches all day, so feel free to please make sure to say hello. Below is the schedule for the day - I'm looking forward to meeting the BL crew and other authors - should be a good day!

**edit** I'm told the tickets are all sold out - w00t!

I'll get pictures up as soon as possible. See you there...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Right before the praise for Signore Elbows..ok ok "Roberts" I would like to say this is the very first time I have commented on a blog twitter facebook etc site( who the *** cares your saying arent you Neil)But to the point.
Was fantastic seeing you there and spending a lot of time just chatting bout art and techniques etc.Your a star my friend and I had right good ole laff.Great Q n A.I was sitting there thinking is this really happening,, still feels odd ( in a good way) having that attention for that time today ,.answering questions and signing books. Youve certainly got your feet firmly on the floor and letting your work speak for itself.
The Black Library staff pulled all the stops out today didnt they?.Made us feel wanted and loved and brought a tear to my eye on a few occasions I can tell you.:o).Just wanted to say cheers matey and will visit here regularly to browse and spy on ya latest artworks.Awesome stuff.Cant promise to comment too much though as I am a qualified hermit.But when I do .DARN IT it will be good. cya Neil and cheers for those fans of BL books who turned up and made good day too.Now I gotta go and comment on those pesky authors sites..grrrrrrr.