Friday, 29 January 2010

Cover: Dogbreath Fanzine #22

Here's a quick one - the cover for the latest Strontium Dogs fanzine, 'Dogbreath':

This was a pure painting job in Photoshop, using a bit of reference to get the pose correct. I was going for a Frazetta/ Starblazer feel - sort of late 70's/ 80's vibe. Ace.

Apologies for the use of the word 'vibe' but I feel it's suited here.

Dogbreath is run by my good friends at Futurequake, Bolt-01 and others, who'll be selling this issue and plenty of other interesting reads at the up-coming Hi-Ex comic convention this March.

Note: I shall be a guest at said 'Con - very much looking forward to it!

Back to business, here's the plain version:

Hope you like, I feel I made some real headway in the direction I want to push myself with this piece.


Pete Wells said...

Absolutely beautiful Neil! Well, as beautiful as a big scary Viking running at you with der happy stick can be!

FQP Dave said...

Neil, we all thank you for your help with this issue- it really is a beautiful cover.

Emperor said...

That is fantastic!! One for the annals.

Ade Salmon said...

That really captures that 70's thang! Nice job.