Friday, 2 April 2010

Strip: 2000AD Prog 1678

Ta-daaa! My first interior strip for the Galaxies Greatest Comic, "Chrono Cabbie" with script by Alec Worley, painted art by me and lettering by Annie Parkhouse.

If you want to know just what the hell is going on, get yourself down to your local newsagent/ comic store and buy yourself a copy today!

It seems to have gotten a positive response from people, so I'm a very happy man.

Dream... come... true...!


Pete Wells said...

A cracking strip and I was lucky enough to see those pages at full size at Hi-Ex, really beautiful work there Neil!

I hope we see lots more of your strip work in 2000AD, after your amazing covers, I'd love to see a Dredd!

Aidan said...

congrats neil, great work!

jake gumbleton said...

There are no end to your talents Mr Roberts!! Really great mate.

Alex said...

Seeing your recent cover work was partly responsible for me starting to buy 2000ad again. Good to see you do a strip too now. Look forward to more.
All the best!