Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Busy times...!

Quite busy at the minute with a few projects, so here are some old WIP renders of some bad boys from Privateer Press: Ios (now renamed Scyrah) Warjacks:

These were modelled purely in 3DSMax, mostly using subdivision modelling, hard edged modelling and booleans (shudders) - with character sheets by the amazing artists over at Privateer.

The were rendered with VRay using basic settings and a lighting/ studio rig similar to that found in my 3D World article.

The above were a lighter class of Warjack, I also modelled a heavier class - love those huge shoulder pads!

The great thing about this project was that the 3D models also formed the basis of the box illustration - so what you see on the box cover is exactly what you get in the box. Very nice.

So now I can also class myself as a miniature sculptor as well. Here are a few shots of the final painted miniatures over at Privateer Press:

(Above and Below)
The final paint job - I'll leave that to the professionals, thankyou!

This was a very involved process from start to finish - and also very rewarding to see it all come together at the end. Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll post up a more detailed "How it's made..." for you.

Also, I'll put up the final illustrations. I'm sure you'll like them.

See you soon!


Cliff Robinson said...

Wow, these models look excellent, Neil. I'm definitely going to search out that issue of 3D World. Hmmm,I wonder how much memory my computer would need to run such a program. I'm sure my old Dell Dimension would just die in agony if I tried any fancy software on it.

Aidan said...

nice - if you ever fancy posting some WIREZZZ i'd be interested in seeing how those engraved bits are done in the shoulder pads...

Ben Newman said...


Tony Jackson said...

I bought that book you mentioned a whiles back, Imaginative Realism ... finding it very interesting.

Thanks for dropping by the blog ... I know you're a busy chap ...it's much appreciated .. great work as usual.

Alex Liki said...

Love the modeling, the style is great!