Monday, 30 November 2009


Like many red-blooded males, I've always had a soft spot for Supergirl - mainly due to the 1984 Helen Slater film, which I always thought was great fun.

Here's a personal piece I created this weekend, over a couple of hours. Supergirl on patrol over a Kandor/ Chicago/ Seattle type city.

Supergirl, keeping an eye out for trouble.
Don't peek up that skirt.

"Sexy but strong" is how I always envisaged Supergirl - I like the idea that any superheroine other than Wonder Woman can be powerful (and not just great big boobs in a super-suit, Power Girl!)

In other news - I'm about to start work on a new cover for the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, 2000AD - which sounds like it should be a fun piece - I'll keep you posted!


Lucifal said...

Love the look, but I think I might have tucked the foot of her bent-leg behind the other to heighten the impression that we're looking from below (rather than Supergirl having a massive left foot(leg). Or am I being too critical? And, how's "Served" progressing. ;)

Neil Roberts said...

Darn - that's a very good point. I'll remember that trick for future images! Work continues apace on "Served", never fear!