Monday, 23 November 2009

Judge Dredd 1988

Here's a piece from my archive (AKA my parents loft), a drawing of Judge Dredd by me from waaaaay back in 1988. I was a mere 13 years old. I've put it side by side with one of my recent covers to show just how far I've come in terms of art style:

Dredd on his Lawmaster.
What a difference 21 years makes...!
I love drawing this guy -
never gets boring.

1988 - the year of Bros, Rick Astley, Dungeon Master on the Amiga and Laser Squad on the ZX Spectrum. Great days!

As two great philosophers once said though "The best place to be, is here. The best time to be, is now" - which is a fancy way for me to say that I'm on Twitter - yep, I've made the leap! follow me here:


Also in the news - Thoughtbubble was great! A really well run show with a broad spectrum of people - both visitors and guests. I'll post up a quick review of my day there soon.


Tony Jackson said...

I imagine at 13 you were discovering other things that might have been more ... erm ... stimulating to a young teenager.

Ben said...

The one on the left is better.

Ben Newman said...

they look the same to me.

Aidan said...

everyone's a comedian - good work present and past neil!