Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday afternoon quickie...

Hello all, it's Friday and I'm yearning to have an easy afternoon in the sun.

So here we go with a small, quarter page piece I recently did for Fantasy Flight Games:

It was a quick turnaround and a good chance to get more painterly with my style. It's taken from the new expansion book 'Lure of the Expanse' (not a comment on my underwear, actually) for the excellent 'Dark Heresy' RPG - here's what the blurb has to say:

"Lure of the Expanse, the latest book for Rogue Trader, features three adventures set amongst the unexplored stars beyond the Imperium. Wealth and glory await those with the courage to venture into the farthest reaches of space. In "Eye of the Needle," your Explorers will travel to the perilous port of Footfall to learn of a dark prophecy of long-lost riches. In "The Heathen Trail," the Explorers find themselves on the path of uncountable riches... but they must cross the wild tracts of the Heathen Stars. Threats abound, but can the Explorers transform danger into rewards? Finally, in "The World Beyond," the Explorers discover the location of the legendary treasure world. Now, can they prevail against a host of enemies?"

Here's a detail so you can see up close:

Might need to get an electrician to look at that, mate.

Buy it here.

Excellent! Now, go and enjoy the sun! (correct as of time of writing)

Stay cool, y'all.


Anonymous said...
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Neil Roberts said...

Oops, apologies, Rogue Pom - I was getting a bit free and easy deleting those crazy chinese comments, I accidentally removed your post - NOTHING PERSONAL!

As for your answering your question:

"When you say quick turnaround, how quick are we talking?"

This piece was about a 8hrs from start to finish - relatively quick for me, at least!

jake gumbleton said...

Well done on that last cover Neil, brilliant.
I cant beleive howmuch you got out of this image in so short a time. You are a monster!!
Look forward to seeing you soon mate.