Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cyclops... AMOK!

Here's a personal piece I recently finished for my portfolio, "Cyclops... AMOK!":

Cyclops in a blinding rage.
Is that an X-Team symbol
I see being blown apart?

I wanted to have Cyclops in his classic Giant Size #1/ Second Genesis outfit - although the yellow gloves look a bit like marigold kitchen gloves. The thumbnail was pretty much how the final piece turned out, as I had such a specific idea as to the composition of the piece:

The composition was an X shape.
From the rays of his beam at the top
into his visor

and back out into his stance at the bottom

I've got a real soft spot for Cyclops/ Scott Summers - I feel he always gets the 'bad end of the stick' when it comes to being a decent superhero and X-Mens field leader.

I've always preferred him to Wolverine and I think his visor is one of the coolest looking pieces of tech I'd want to see in the real world.

Pushing the expression as far as I felt comfortable.
Take that, Wolverine!

I'm getting off topic, but it sits up their with Robocop, Boba Fett's Helmet and the old-skool Cylons. (Geordi LaForge's headgear is pretty groovy- but it always looked like a hairband had fallen over his eyes)

Cool visors/ Helmets.
Also an excuse to Google these images

That's all for now. I need to get on with a new 2000AD cover - see you soon!


jake gumbleton said...

Awesome Neil. You raise your game every time i come by here. The expression is great!
Is this using your zbrush paintover technique or just plain old painted? Really great stuff mate.
PS: only a tiny thing but there is too much badge: if you pieced those back together they would make 1 and a half badges.

Neil Roberts said...

*Ding* Ten points to Mr Gumbleton! - you spotted my 'deliberate' mistake, - yes the badges are wrong. I'm thinking of correcting it.

My work is getting more and more 'painted' as I progress - it's faster and the final result always feels more natural.

Thanks for the kind words, Jake!