Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cover: 2000AD Prog 1659

WOOHOO! I've only gone and done it, I've bagged myself A 2000AD Dredd cover!

Dredd on his Lawmaster in the Cursed Earth.
Image courtesy 2000AD Online

I'll do a 'How it's made' in the near future - I'll bask in the saccharine, self-satisfied and extremely pleasant glow of a dream coming true for a while.

I think this calls for an even stiffer drink.

Edit: I've even made onto the superb Forbidden Planet Blog!


jake gumbleton said...

oooh yeah mate !!!!!
you like to rock the party!
I love you mr Neil F Roberts.

Ben Newman said...

nice work! looks ace.

Mayavan Thevendra said...

Awesome work Neil!

Ben said...

I've tried to watch that film twice. Fell asleep both times.

Tony Jackson said...

I starting to think they have no one else available :P