Monday, 3 August 2009

3D Logo: Privateer Press


Well here's another piece I recently completed for Privateer Press, a 3D textured version of their Warmachine logo:

The new Warmachine Logo for Privateer Press

It was a fairly straightforward task - the bulk of the work being the laying out of the pipes and grills - a 2D sketch being translated into a 3D scene will always require a certain amount of tweaking to compensate for perspective shifts.

The different passes used to create the final logo.
From top to bottom: Beauty (with embedded Alpha channel), Ambient Occlusion, Mask 1 and Mask 2

I'm pleased with how the piece panned out - the texture and lighting required a lot of attention especially as the client had a definite idea of how things should look.

The 3D scene - one directional light in a 'studio environment' to simulate product photography settings.

The final piece has since been used across the board on their website and print materials. It's great when a project is finished 'cos you get to see the artwork in a context other than the dull, hazy glow of my monitors. So, make sure to check Privateer Press out - the concept art and miniatures are amazing - plus the 3D logo is pretty cool too!

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Aidan said...

looks like you're having yourself a bit of fun there. I like!