Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I've always enjoyed drawing spaceships since I was a child, this was a test piece to explore this area. The Explorer Class ship concept was one I'd long toyed with and I liked the idea of realising the old arcade game "Asteroids".

This image was created with 3DSMax (for the basic blocking out, lighting and rendering), ZBrush (for the detailing on the asteroids and ship textures) and Photoshop (for the final composite) .

Now that I've seen how I approach this subject matter I'm keen to work on more images with whole fleets of fighter craft, capital ships, dreadnoughts and explosions. That would be cool!

Angry Robot/ HarperCollins Supremo Marc Gascoigne once pointed out that the ship design isn't as interesting as it could be - it doesn't really draw you in and, with hindsight, he's absolutely right! - I'll add more interest and intrigue on any spacecraft next time.


Unknown said...

Hi Neil,
thanks for the comment. I love this image. Pure sci-fi action!
And yeah, I'd love to see an epic starfleet XD

Aidan said...

wow neil - brings back many memories of browsing the sci-fi section of my local library when i were a lad. Good work!

OSD said...

This kind of reminds me of how game cover artwork used to be like on the spectrum etc..and arcade cabnet artwork. The graphics were so basic back then, but the artwork for covers kind of filled in the gaps - much like how book covers work I suppose.

Id like to see this made up into a book cover or something with some nice slightly retro font going on :)

Unknown said...

V COOL painting!