Monday, 5 January 2009

Doctor Who?

In light of the announcement of the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith, I'm going to share a little piece I recently completed.

Here's a render of a Zbrush sculpt of the 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant. Another likeness test, this was a test to model hair in a more sculptural way. A fun little exercise and a good way to keep my 3D skills sharp. Maybe BBC Licensing would like me to work on Limited Edition bust sculpts ;)

Trivia: Whilst sculpting this likeness I became so involved in getting it right, I would find myself doodling David Tennants' likeness without even realising it!


Nick Carver said...

This looks awesome, Neil! Any chance of a bigger picture?

Hope you had a good festive period (eurgh.)! I've still not started a new job yet but there are quite a few offers on the table so I'm feeling pretty positive about the whole thing.

We shall all have to meet up soon and mock Jake.

Toodles, Nick.

OSD said...

Yes Neil - bigger picture please! :)