Friday, 17 August 2012

First Look: Cover: The Sigillite

So, here's the first of a few new artworks revealed over on the Black Library blog, my cover for Chris Wraight's new audio drama, 'The Sigillite':

Malcador, The Sigillite.
Wait... what are those two skulls with the II and XI there for...?

Here's a few close up shots showing the details in more... umm, detail:

Strange icons floating above old hands...

A flaming 'Aquila' atop a staff, 
great for going to the lavatory at night.

So there you go! Something to chew over until next week, whereupon we shall be riffing on Hot Fuzz and getting all moody in the caves under Calth...

Until then, my friends!


Foom Spectacular said...

Great picture Neil. Love the texture on his robe and that expression is fantastic.

Also I have a question. How do you go about, getting a commission to paint a front cover for 2000ad?

CGI Flythrough said...