Monday, 19 September 2011

Reminder: Games Day 2011

Hello All,

Just a quick reminder to say I shall be attending Games Day 2011 with those lovely folk from The Black Library this coming Sunday the 25th September, 2011 at the Birmingham NEC LG Arena!

So, if you have any of you have copies of my Black Library covered books, Horus Heresy books or posters (there may also be numbered and signed limited edition prints available on the day), feel free to bring them along to get signed. I believe I'll also be taking part in a seminar about the Art of Black Library!

Oh, and there'll be a bunch of people who write words as well, so you can talk to them about sentences and paragraphs or something... ;)

There may even have a special sneak preview of upcoming artworks on my iphone for anyone who asks very, very nicely...

Tickets available here: Games Day UK 2011

UPDATE - it looks like all tickets are sold out, see you all there!


Unknown said...

So after talking to you today and listening to your seminar I've started going back over prints of your work looking for the Easter eggs. I found Bros and your name on Thiriana's clothing. There seems to be another stick figure piece though - for some reason it makes me think of Brother Beyond. Am I imagining things?

Neil Roberts said...

Well spotted! I'm not sure about Brother Beyond - that might've been a subconscious thing.

What next... T'Pau? Chesney Hawkes? Big Fun?

Keep those eyes peeled ;)