Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Art Prints at Games Day 2011

Hello All,

A quick note that Black Library will be selling limited edition prints of the 'Path of the Seer' cover at Games Day 2011, alongside Jon Sullivans' awesome 'Battle of the Fang' cover:

Come buy me at Games Day!

You'll be able to see all the insane* amount of detail that went into the cover in this print, there's even a special tribute to an 80's band in there, if you can find it ;)

See you there...!

* Well, 'insane' may be a bit extreme, but I did dream about swirling lines for nights after...


Unknown said...

Very much looking forward to getting a matching print for the one of Korlandril I have on my office wall now :)

Zu said...

Great art! Hope to see more of Eldar =) Good Luck!