Sunday, 28 November 2010

Catchup - Thoughtbubble 2010


Updates are few and far between at the minute 'cos of sheer workload, so here's a quick link to mine and Graham McNeills' adventures in Leeds, at the always amazing Leeds Thoughtbubble convention, via The Black Library:

Click on the link to read.

So, as an update proper, I'm working on a new piece for a new publisher, finishing up on a couple of logo's and I'm about to start work on a new Graham McNeill Horus Heresy cover: "Outcast Dead", oh, and a 2000AD cover to keep me company over the Christmas break.


I think my New Years promise should be more updates, more regularly.

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jake gumbleton said...

wotcha stranger! Glad to hear you are thriving!
There are a few of doing dr sketchy on saturday (4th) if you fancy a chrstmas drinkypoos? Baker is up i believe!