Thursday, 7 October 2010

TimeSplitters 4: Unused Concepts

Hello All,

Just a real quick, image heavy, post about some of my old work (2-3 years ago) I did for Timesplitters 4, before I left to go freelance and Free Radical Design went under :(


So, here we go with the first batch - I like to theme my concepts so as to keep a consistency in design. It might not be overly obvious, but with these I had been looking at a lot of Harley Earl/ 50's Americana and J.C. Leyendecker:

Ancient Greece

For the Greek themed levels I went for a full on (original) 'Clash of the Titans' vibe, especially with the Zeus concept:

Hammer Horror

And finally, I love Hammer Horror films - I don't like modern horror, bleurgh, too vulgar - but I imagined a sexy kitsch and fun take for the horror levels (my kind of horror) :

I figure I may as well put these out there, cos they won't ever be used - just left to gather cyber-dust in some forgotten folder on the computer. Hope there's something there for you to enjoy!

Proper post soon...


Green Ninja said...

A damn shame. I loved TS 2 and 3 and a 4th game would've been great.

Found this blog over VG247 btw.

Mr Moobs said...

Shame no other developer picked up Timesplitters 4.. :(

Neil Roberts said...

Thanks for the heads up, Green Ninja, good to know the work is getting seen at last.

Too right, David - If only Crytek UK could get something TS related going. Ah well, we shall see...!

Dan D. Evans said...

ah, memories!

jake gumbleton said...

man i miss old TS. Was such a blast to work on!
blub blub blub.

Danny said...


gone but not forgotten.

TS4 needs to be a browser based fps game.

Braden said...

Timesplitters were great games, I would buy a modern sequel for sure.Personally I would much rather play a silly game like TS, than semi-realistic and overly serious shooters like Crysis 2 - and I suspect there are many others out there as well. Hopefully Crytek see the light, imagine TS running on Crytek's game engine, wow!

Anonymous said...

click on the link and sign this petition, if you want timesplitters 4 2 be made! :D