Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Aftermath: Dr Sketchy's Nottingham


Here's a few scans from my attending the recent Dr Sketchy's event in Nottingham last week, alongside the talented Jake Gumbleton, Ryan Stevenson, Ben Newman and Dan Baker.

I'm definitely going to attend another event, the sittings were pleasantly short and the models were pleasantly pleasing to draw.

Quick (5mins) pencil sketches
concerned with halftones and edges.
148 x 210mm,
Graphite pencil on paper

The short poses meant having to concentrate
on constantly finishing and not obsessing over linework.
148 x 210mm,
Graphite pencil on paper/
Conte crayon on coloured stock

Unusual objects and interesting fabrics
made the rendering all the more interesting
148 x 210mm,
Graphite pencil on paper

After all that, it was into the Nottingham night for beers, mojito's and, eventually, kebabs.

Rock on!


Mayavan Thevendra said...

Lovely work Neil, very classy!

Sorry I missed the meet-up!

Ben Newman said...

nice work neil, I don't think I saw your drawings on the day. I'll have to post mine up soon as well.

Curis said...

Dammit, I always suspected those people at Doctor Sketchy's who draw better than me were accomplished comic artists. NOW I KNOW!

(You win anything?)