Monday, 28 June 2010

Cover: 2000AD Prog 1686

Now, this is from a few weeks back. (We've been moving house and enjoying the sunshine)

This is my cover for 2000AD Prog 1686, entitled "Borough Boys":

Bosh, sorted, Guv.

As always, it started with 3 sketches based on Thargs brief:

Quick thumbnails, about 480x640 each.

With one chosen, I went on to take some reference photos (hey, no laughing at the back! All artists use some kind of reference) :

Amazing what you can do with an old suit, raincoat,
dressing gown belt, plastic rifle and
pulling a few Les Dawson faces.

I'd read that Savage was originally based on Stanley Baker, one of the great physical British (specifically Welsh) actors from the 60s/ 70s. So it made sense to get appropriate reference:

Stanley Baker. Fantastic actor, go watch Zulu or Hell Drivers, NOW!

Then it was over to the computer for final image and paint-up. Here's the piece minus the logos and stuff:

As the great Gene Hunt said:
"Don’t move, you’re surrounded by armed bastards!"

Right, I'll keep on with my blogging from now on. Might be going to a Dr. Sketchy's event next month - I'll keep you posted.


Pete Wells said...

BRILLIANT post Neil! Again, your poses had me giggling (you're supposed to suck your gut IN!)

It's a good job you went for the job as artist and not gangster!

Amazing cover yet again though!

Anonymous said...

Nice cover Roberts!

less 'Readers wives sketches' next time please...