Monday, 24 May 2010

SkinnyElbows Website Update

Back from Bristol Comic Expo - what a great chance to meet new people and, PHEW! what a scorcher, as they say!

So, I've had a load of stuff come out in the last month or so, so I've updated my website,, with over 20, yes, I said 20! new images.

Here's a few samples:

Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor Who.
Manga Studio and Photoshop

Cover to 2000AD Prog 1673 "Crimes of Passion"

"Path of the Warrior" by Gav Thorpe

Also, I've got a whole bunch of other stuff I'll blog about very soon...!


Nick Carver said...

The new stuff is looking great, Neil! I really like the tonal balance in the black and white historical pieces. I think there's a huge sense of progression in your recent work. Keep killing it, Dr Roberts!

Tony Jackson said...

Your work is looking great mate, and you're cranking it out at great speed as well. Following all your 2000AD avidly!

Dan D. Evans said...

Takes a lot of balls to use that much pink in a picture, Neil - but it looks ace!

jake gumbleton said...

The dr who manga studio drawings are really ace mate. Like to see more stuff like that from you. The black and white war stuff is cracking too.
A few of us are going for a picnic/rounders at Keddlestan hall on sunday if you fancy it? Good family day out.
Text me if you fancy coming you old tart.

Neil Roberts said...

Aww, shucks - thanks for the kind words, chaps!

Keep up the good work yourselves ;)


Carlos Restrepo said...

Amazing work I would love to own a print of the Striking Scorpion from "Path of the Warrior". Is there any chance that you will be selling prints or will the Black Library be selling them. Thanks again and thanks for all the inspiration.