Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cover: 2000AD Prog 1656

Excuse me for getting excited, but I've just done something I've always wanted to do!

The Galaxies Greatest Comic, 2000AD has just published my first cover - Prog 1656, "Morked for Death":

Johnny astride his Mork
Image Courtesy 2000AD Online

I think I'll let this post sit here for a bit, whilst I take in the sheer joy of achieving a LIFELONG ambition...!

Time for a stiff drink.


FQP Dave said...

And a darned fine image it is too. I reckon you deserve that drink.

Nick Carver said...

Where do you go from here, eh? Well done Mr Roberts, it's thoroughly deserved. Don't forget about all of our joint IP when you are rich and famous!

Emperor said...

Great cover and it has been well recieved, so here is hoping for some more (I have my fingers crossed for an Insurrection cover on the Megazine ;) ) and perhaps a litle internal artwork?

Ben said...

Nice one.

Tony Jackson said...

Outstanding Neil. You rock

Unknown said...

Good stuff mate.

As mentioned you also made headlines on Ben's blog -

Aidan said...

i think this is EXACTLY the sort of situation which call for an


Ben Newman said...

Nice work Neil!
can't beat a bit of Johnny Alpha.

Yer_man_in_japan said...

Great Stuff! I hope you will be treating us to a step by step, like you did for the Judge dredd cover. Lovely textures on the gun.